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The basic function of a dry vent is to hold inorganic dry matter. Lint is commonly found collecting in dry vents and if not cleaned regularly pose a fire hazard. There are also chances that mildew forming inside the house because moisture cannot exit through the vents and this could lead to various illnesses. A clean dryer vent functions well, decrease any hazardous conditions and operates efficiently.

When a dryer vents out excess moisture through the ducts, lint flows along with it and collects throughout the system. Negative pressure is needed in cases where the system is regularly maintained, however systems that have not been maintained will needs negative pressure coupled with brushing.

Some common symptoms that indicate an issue with the dryer vent are:

  • Dust and lint collecting on and around the exos fans.
  • Dust or lint collecting around the dryer.
  • Dryer needs extra cycles.
  • Condensation on the laundry room windows. (severe cases)
  • The dryer stops working.

At Dryer vent cleaning Carlsbad CA, we will provide a full system inspection before agreeing to a service level agreement. We have the most highly trained and experienced technicians that will make sure that the service you receive exceeds expectations because our focus is always on customer satisfaction. We are only a call or email away if you need any of our services.

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